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The Journey of Banguela

The life of a pterosaur cannot be easy. Most occur in places where there is always a larger predator; even the giants Quetzalcoatlus and Hatzegopterus may have co-occurred with other predators that would have seen them as food. From hatching … Continue reading

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The Broken Jaw of Banguela

In my last post, I introduced Banguela oberlii, a new, toothless dsungaripterid pterosaur.

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Meet Banguela

A foggy morning. Water laps gently on a rocky shore, a rhythmic sound accompanying the gentle hum of insects. Mist hugs the forest margin, creeping along the ground; it shrinks back as the heat of the rising sun burns away … Continue reading

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An Oviraptorosaur Worth the Name?

The newest oviraptorosaur on the blog is, in fact, one of the oldest. Nick Longrich and colleagues (Ken Barnes, along with Scott Clark and Larry Millar from Paleo Field Excursions, who collect in the Big Bend area in which the … Continue reading

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Sereno’s Monster

Dr. Paul Sereno hasn’t published much in the last few years. Apparently the reason is because he just finished a monograph on Heterodontosauridae … a real monster at 225 pages. I haven’t the time to review this yet, but there’s … Continue reading

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“Taste” Versus “Science”

My recent discussion on the value of “originalism” has led to some interesting comments from respondents Mickey Mortimer and Mike Taylor. As I respect both of them, but disagree, I will post their comments in full below and respond to … Continue reading

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On Ceratops

Three things to note here: 1. Ceratops montanus is not complete, and is based on incomplete cranial remains that are considered unusable for further taxonomic purposes. It is, in short, a nomen dubium. 2. The word ceratops is a Latinized … Continue reading

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What – If Anything – is a Nomen Dubium?

Historically, taxonomy has been the playground of débutants and the workshop of balls-to-the-wall genetic systematics. It is the method by which names are applied to organisms, to distinguish concepts of how life can be categorized. We’ve seen different systems of … Continue reading

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