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Reconstruction Deconstruction

As an artist, I view the world through an interpretive lens, not merely how I might depict a thing or what reaction I might get, but how I might see things in different lights; one has to be a little … Continue reading

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A Few Things About Oviraptorosaurs

Subsequent to my post on Nick Longrich and colleagues proposed new taxonomy for an old oviraptorosaur, there has been some interest about some other oviraptorosaurs, and I felt it would be useful to write up a little post about those … Continue reading

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Are Scansoriopterygids Oviraptorosaurs?

Scansoriopterygidae represent one of those bizarre groups of animals that seem to defy simplistic evaluation; there’s always something about them that says “You should compare with that that other group” whenever you look at a part. It doesn’t help that … Continue reading

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Were There European Oviraptorosaurs?

You may have heard of this in a few sites recently, most notably at Darren Naish’s Tetrapod Zoology. If you haven’t, check it out along with Matt Martynuik’s take on what kind of animal Darren is talking about, which is … Continue reading

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