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Muscles and Style

Look at the surface of an animal, you will see what the animal looks like. Look beneath the surface, you will see why it looks that way. I’ve done a few musculature studies of fossil animals over the years, and … Continue reading

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Tooth Denticles – WP#5

This is a short post; I’d write more about denticles, but I’d want to prepare more material to do so (it’s a detailed subject). Most carnivorous archosaurs have denticles on their teeth. These are small, nearly microscopic nodules that persist … Continue reading

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Another Dinosaur Bites the Dust

Bill Parker over at Chinleana has covered this here, but I figured I’d highlight somethin he says, and something the paper notes. The new archosauromorph Azendohsaurus madagaskariensis [1]  supplements our previosu taxon Azendohsaurus laaroussi [2,3], and provides damning evidence against … Continue reading

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