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The Persistent Melancholy of Oviraptor

Or, what is Oviraptor? Originally described in 1924 by H. F. Osborn on the partial remains of a skeleton including the skull, neck, should, and forelimb, associated with some eggs inferred to belong to a ceratopsian the animal was predating, … Continue reading

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The Best Little Oviraptorid in Mongolia

The sweaty summers of the mid 1970s give way to cooler climes indoors, as a block of sandstone pulled from the red-and-orange rocks of the Djadokhta Formation in Mongolia’s southern Gobi Desert finds itself in Ulaanbator, the nation’s capital. Initially … Continue reading


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The Best Little Oviraptorid in Mongolia – Preview

As I wrote waaaay back in February of 2012 (damn!), my previous versions of the skeleton of the oviraptorid known as Citipati sp., or GIN 100/42 (or, simply “100/42”) were improperly scaled, improperly drawn, etc. Lots of errors, little means … Continue reading

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Not Another One…

Seriously, you get into a blogging funk and get all busy at home life and someone comes along to publish a new oviraptorid from Southern China … as if there weren’t enough of those already to deal with. And as … Continue reading

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A Phylogenetic Prediction

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The Changeling – The Analysis

So we come to the home stretch. Wulatelong gobiensis was named by Xu Xing, Lü Jun-chang and colleagues, and incorporates a peculiar array of caenagnathid and oviraptorid characters. My previous perspectives focused on the foot (preserved hinting at a hyperextensible … Continue reading

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Pneumatic Air Sacs in Dinosaurs

Following all that work I’ve been doing on anatomy in oviraptorids, it should not come as a surprise that I am looking for ways to effectively represent this amassed data in digestible chunks. I don’t always want to write novellas … Continue reading

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Peel Back the Layers

A while back I started a project in which I would reconstruct an ancient animal layer by layer, moving from various organ systems using some degrees of inference to make sure these organs are correctly aligned, and perhaps correctly sized. … Continue reading

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The Changeling – The Skull

I’ve now covered the interesting things to do with the hand and the foot of Wulatelong gobiensis. There’s not much there to the rest of the body (there’s the pelvis, which is nearly complete, but that’s the next post), but … Continue reading

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The Changeling – The Hand

Wulatelong gobiensis is based on a partial skeleton (IVPP V18409) including a skull, but with poorly preserved vertebrae including most of a tail, the dorsal series and presumably the sacral (buried beneath the ilia), and missing the neck. There are … Continue reading

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