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Megalancosaurus Limbs – WP#14

While the forelimb of Drepanosaurus unguicaudatus is very, very different from the general tetrapod design with its huge ulnare [n1], it’s still recognizably a forelimb. The forelimb of Megalancosaurus preonensis was a lot less strange, but unique in its own … Continue reading

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Peculiar Limb Exaptation – WP#13

In a typical tetrapod limb, the metapodium (that portion of the limb below the elbow and above the wrist, including the ulna, radius, ulnare, radiale, intermedium, and a few other bones in some animals) is fairly basic. Some animals can … Continue reading

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Shoulders and Hips in Megalancosaurus – WP#12

Another interesting area of research that has intrigued me has been the physical and ecological habitus of various megalancosaurids, specifically Megalancosaurus preonensis and Drepanosaurus unguicaudatus. Today, I will mention Megalancosaurus, the more “tame” of the two.

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