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An Edentulous Dsungaripterid? 10 Facts About Banguela

So I’ve gone on and on about all this boring stuff about writing papers and my personal experience and analysis and what not. But you probably want to know about Banguela oberlii, the pterosaur. Let’s talk about what the paper … Continue reading

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A Saw in the Jaw of a Sea-God

The Devonian was a time of wonder and mystique. The Age of Fishes, it capped the rise of vertebrates and heralded the rise of skeletal diversity. Fish in this age began to inch towards the shore; some would have crawled … Continue reading

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A Skull For Rhamphorhynchus, Part Two

My last post on Rhamphorhynchus muensteri‘s skull elicited some dialogue on the dietary preferences one might infer from looking at Rhamphorhynchus‘s skull. This was done regardless of the preservation of gut remains or implied habitus. In preparation of a larger … Continue reading

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The Scaled Mammal

Today is World Pangolin Day; a day to reflect on the endangered, but also incredibly interesting and special nature of this mammal (here’s Dr. John Hutchinson of What’s in John’s Freezer on the many peculiarities of pangolins). The pangolin, Manis … Continue reading

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Jaws, Jaws, and More Jaws!

Just a summary, without much in the way of commentary, until I have a chance to more thoroughly engage these papers: 1. The Beak Bites Back

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The Skimmer, Exploded

Rhynchops niger is a fun animal. Not only does it have this wonderfully huge lower bill, there’s lots of fun little structures of the jaw that interact in ways one doesn’t really expect in birds.(The gap in the upper and … Continue reading

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By now some of you may have noticed that the banner at the top of the page has changed. Some of you may have noticed that it keeps changing. Indeed, that the banner has changed any time you reload, go … Continue reading

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Oviraptorid Jaw Muscles Described, Part 4

Wait, you thought we were done? This is a short post, following parts one, two and three. The above image attempts to describe lines of action for major jaw muscles and directions of force (arrows). Jaw protraction and retraction does … Continue reading

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Oviraptorid Jaw Muscles Described, Part 3

In the previous two posts (part 1 here, part 2 here), I discussed the shapes and sizes of the muscles and their origins and insertions of the oviraptorid skull. I deigned to provide the basis of the muscles mapped to … Continue reading

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The Cookie Maker

I produced this image above intended to eventually add it to my growing list of “Incredulous Teeth” series of posts, but never fully finished that. The impetus faltered and relative brevity of research on the anatomy of the taxon hampered … Continue reading

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