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The Outlaw Spino Saurus

There’s been a lot of news now about Thursday’s (Sep. 11, 2014) publication on a new specimen attributed to Spinosaurus aegyptiacus. A lot of hype rose up months back about the release of  a photo of a mount of some … Continue reading

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Croc-Snouted Lizards: A Mystery in Gadoufaoua

Occassionally an author will suggest that recovery of a specimen is representative of a new species, and this is generally true. The problem with this type of nomenclatural act is that when it is required on the part of the … Continue reading

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Spinosaurus Spines – WP#3

The vertebral series of Spinosaurus aegyptiacus, IPHG 1912 VIII 19, modified from the original plates of von Stromer’s description of the material. I have grayed-out the regions of the vertebrae that are not preserved, under the scheme shown below, including … Continue reading

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