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Criminal Lineup

Via Facebook comes this cute comic from Felippe Nanni posted on his DeviantArt page: Little does the officer know, she kidnapped the oviraptor’s own eggs and took a bite before the oviraptor came home and called the cops. The cops … Continue reading

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The Stupid, Unintelligent Recurrent Laryngeal Nerve: Evolution Working as Not Intended

The belief that the universe arose through the fundamental actions of a supreme entity is by itself not a problem. The systematic implications of this have prompted various individuals through the last several millennia to argue that causation is preceded … Continue reading

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Eyeballs Wired Backwards

This one is also off-topic in general, which is going to be a trend for a little while before I get back into the groove. Meanwhile, check out Scott Hartman’s awesome reconstruction of Spinosaurus aegyptiacus, drawing from suggestions Andrea Cau … Continue reading

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