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Herbivores All the Way Down

Back in the 1980s and 1990s, a revolution in the way dinosaurs were conceived to have evolved occurred, in which a basal stock of croc-ish animals (this was during the “thecodont origin of … everything (?)” phase of archosaur relationship … Continue reading

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A Skull For Rhamphorhynchus, Part Two

My last post on Rhamphorhynchus muensteri‘s skull elicited some dialogue on the dietary preferences one might infer from looking at Rhamphorhynchus‘s skull. This was done regardless of the preservation of gut remains or implied habitus. In preparation of a larger … Continue reading

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A Skull Reconstruction for Daemonosaurus

Recall my earlier post on Daemonosaurus chauliodus. At the time, I thought this was a pretty silly dinosaur to provide a reconstruction for, since for the most part I agreed with the authors’ reconstruction, it matched the skull as i … Continue reading

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By now some of you may have noticed that the banner at the top of the page has changed. Some of you may have noticed that it keeps changing. Indeed, that the banner has changed any time you reload, go … Continue reading

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Incredulous Teeth, V: The Strange Case of Dr. Masiaka and Mr. Vicious

There is something exciting about thinking about Masiakasaurus knopfleri. It’s not just the name’s tip of the hat to Dire Straights’ lead guitar and frontman, Mark Knopfler, or the becoming-more-prevalent use of local language to name the animal (masiaka means … Continue reading

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Dr. Masiaka, Meet Mr. Vicious

Very short post. The full post will occur on October 31st. So what was the solution to my “mystery theropod“? Here is the first image. Seems innocent enough. But appearances are deceiving. This is Dr. Masiaka, and as one can … Continue reading

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Pegomastax and the “Echinodonts”

In my last post, I mentioned Sereno’s monster — a 225-page monograph on Heterodontosauridae — and some of its variant findings. I am especially interested in the features discussed about the “echinodonts,” a small grouping of probably plesiomorphically small, “simple-toothed” … Continue reading

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Sereno’s Monster

Dr. Paul Sereno hasn’t published much in the last few years. Apparently the reason is because he just finished a monograph on Heterodontosauridae … a real monster at 225 pages. I haven’t the time to review this yet, but there’s … Continue reading

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Cheeky Commentary on Ornithischians

In my last post on the issue of recovering the probable structure of extra-oral tissues in dinosaurs, bracketed as they are between crocs and birds, but with lacertilians and other reptiles outside of that grouping, I suggested that one important … Continue reading

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Support for a Lipless, Cheekless Dinosaur World

First, let me set up this discussion with an image: Sure you’ve seen this one before. A cross-section through the skull of Velociraptor mongoliensis, with some extreme simplification. Red indicates gum tissue, peach indicates skin (with volume from fats), blue … Continue reading

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