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A Mystery of Caenagnathidae

Some time ago, Michael Mortimer posted on his site the idea that the Dzharakuduk avian Kuszholia mengi might actually be an oviraptorosaur! The similarities in the vertebrae (based mostly on sacrals) were starling. But also convergent. Was it? The Dzharakuduk … Continue reading


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A Phylogenetic Prediction

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The Changeling – The Analysis

So we come to the home stretch. Wulatelong gobiensis was named by Xu Xing, Lü Jun-chang and colleagues, and incorporates a peculiar array of caenagnathid and oviraptorid characters. My previous perspectives focused on the foot (preserved hinting at a hyperextensible … Continue reading

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The Changeling – The Skull

I’ve now covered the interesting things to do with the hand and the foot of Wulatelong gobiensis. There’s not much there to the rest of the body (there’s the pelvis, which is nearly complete, but that’s the next post), but … Continue reading

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The Changeling – The Hand

Wulatelong gobiensis is based on a partial skeleton (IVPP V18409) including a skull, but with poorly preserved vertebrae including most of a tail, the dorsal series and presumably the sacral (buried beneath the ilia), and missing the neck. There are … Continue reading

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An Oviraptorosaur Worth the Name?

The newest oviraptorosaur on the blog is, in fact, one of the oldest. Nick Longrich and colleagues (Ken Barnes, along with Scott Clark and Larry Millar from Paleo Field Excursions, who collect in the Big Bend area in which the … Continue reading

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The Hell Creek Oviraptorosaur — What Does It Mean For Chirostenotes pergracilis?

Since the 1990’s, a few specimens have been kicking around of a particularly large oviraptorosaur from the Late Cretaceous of North America. Unlike the specimens that form the backbone of the Chirostenotes/Caenagnathus complex, these specimens come from the Maastrichtian, and … Continue reading

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Splitting Chirostenotes

Seems audacious of me, eh? Chirostenotes (specifically, Chirostenotes pergracilis) enjoys one of the more interesting synonymy lists among dinosaurs, as it contains (or has contained) no fewer than three generic synonyms and four specific synonyms, but also that it has … Continue reading

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Better Know a [Dinosaur] – Elmisaurus rarus

This post won’t have much to do with teeth. This will eventually occur, when I focus on toothy things like Suminia (favorite non-mammalian synapsid) or toothless (and known-jawed but edentulous) in which case we come to the oviraptorosaurs, which are … Continue reading

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