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What Do

. . . in the parlance of those brave ladies from planet Amazonia. If it seems my content has been sparing it is because it has been. But I have been producing, and vigorously so, all this time. A lot … Continue reading

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Where I Question Commitment to Value of Open Access Everything

It is OA Week, so while this post would normally fall into the Thursday slot for my ‘regular” posting, I am putting it up now as my post for the remainder of the week.

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Shameless Plugging

No, really shameless plugging. I’ve recently begun using product producer site RedBubble.com to make items for sale for my art. I’ve been using DeviantArt and its broad networking possibilities, but this tends to only attract artists themselves, and is not … Continue reading

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I Can Has?

David Orr over at Love in the Time of Chasmosaurs (who blogs along with Marc Vincent) has started a new Red Bubble store to sell his paleowares. These include tabs to sell as patches or t-shirts depicting major groups of … Continue reading

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What Does Moderation Bring?

Rather than discuss the pros and cons of the moderation process on this blog, I will just note that I, personally, enjoy the environment of free form, no consequence speech. Despite this, I prefer to have some handle on the … Continue reading

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Can Evolution Be Recursive?

This isn’t necessarily about how stick insects have re-evolved wings in lineages in which the wings have completely disappeared … several times over. This is about how evolutionary processes work in odd ways to potentially redevelop a condition which, historically, … Continue reading

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More on Relative Evil

The Chronicle of Higher Education has a new article out (actually published Jan 22nd) by Jennifer Howard that sets out a more nuanced view of the outcry against the RWA (the Research Works Act, otherwise known as H.R. 3699) than … Continue reading

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SOPA, the Research Works Act, and Relative Evil

This one is greatly off-topic, but of much relevance to Science in general. Skip if you do not want to read further.

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Silence and SVP

I’m very eager to discuss SVP, but otherwise recent unemployment has made regularity on my blog somewhat more difficult, and so I haven’t been very active on new content, continuing older series, or generally being constant on this side of … Continue reading

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Being Bitten

Something different than what you’d expect this time. This has nothing to do with paleontology. Do not click this link or go below the fold if you want to avoid a non-paleo post.

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