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Incredulous Teeth, V: The Strange Case of Dr. Masiaka and Mr. Vicious

There is something exciting about thinking about Masiakasaurus knopfleri. It’s not just the name’s tip of the hat to Dire Straights’ lead guitar and frontman, Mark Knopfler, or the becoming-more-prevalent use of local language to name the animal (masiaka means … Continue reading


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Dr. Masiaka, Meet Mr. Vicious

Very short post. The full post will occur on October 31st. So what was the solution to my “mystery theropod“? Here is the first image. Seems innocent enough. But appearances are deceiving. This is Dr. Masiaka, and as one can … Continue reading

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The Strange Case of Dr. Masiaka, Preview

Just a short post, and a picture.

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Making Things Look Funny — Again

Discussing body posture and its artistic expression has had me going back and revising my reconstructions. It has led to something of an exploration in the artistic presentation in what we see based on our expectations.

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