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A Short Piece on Piscivores – Not All The Same

So you think you know a piscivore if you saw one? Not so fast. Take a look: Piscivores come in a large array of sizes and morphologies. Not all have teeth. Some are slender-snouted, others broad. What mostly defines a … Continue reading

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Pneumatic Air Sacs in Dinosaurs

Following all that work I’ve been doing on anatomy in oviraptorids, it should not come as a surprise that I am looking for ways to effectively represent this amassed data in digestible chunks. I don’t always want to write novellas … Continue reading

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Sereno’s Monster

Dr. Paul Sereno hasn’t published much in the last few years. Apparently the reason is because he just finished a monograph on Heterodontosauridae … a real monster at 225 pages. I haven’t the time to review this yet, but there’s … Continue reading


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Eventually, when I finish my current projects, I will get around to discussing conodonts, and their jaw-like … things. But for the moment, I’d like to call out to the various sources on the latest paper (not yet published in … Continue reading

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It’s kinda of a mystery, and I’m not sure I can solve it, but…

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Buck Teeth? Wait a Minute….

New news of a new newsworthy theropod dinosaur in the presses. It’s not published in paper yet, although the journal has it available (free) on its website. Because it’s not published (on paper) I will refrain from discussing the taxon … Continue reading

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A Little About Interdental Plates

Interdental plates represent another feature of variation in the dental row, and one generally taken for granted by most researchers, and the following illustration represents a crude way to encapsulate some of the variation that occurs in archosaurs. Because interdental … Continue reading

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Tooth Implantation – PiT#2

This is the second “Precision in Terminology” post Tetrapods generally have only a few ways to affix teeth to their tooth-bearing bones. While most of you readers may be familiar with socket-toothed implantation (thecodonty), the range of dental attachment varies … Continue reading

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A Definition for “Heterodonty”

Teeth in jaws are generally graded by a useage of “heterodonty” versus one of “non-heterodonty.” In some groups, teeth that are actually identical in two spectra (form and size) are termed isodont (literally, “same tooth”) and could reasonably pass for … Continue reading

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Pubic Orientation — WP#8

One of the more interesting non-dental features of theropod dinosaur evolution is the orientation of the pubis. Historically, it was used to help affirm the transition of the modern bird form from that of particular theropod dinosaurs. Back then, it … Continue reading

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