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A Short Piece on Piscivores – Not All The Same

So you think you know a piscivore if you saw one? Not so fast. Take a look: Piscivores come in a large array of sizes and morphologies. Not all have teeth. Some are slender-snouted, others broad. What mostly defines a … Continue reading

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Pneumatic Air Sacs in Dinosaurs

Following all that work I’ve been doing on anatomy in oviraptorids, it should not come as a surprise that I am looking for ways to effectively represent this amassed data in digestible chunks. I don’t always want to write novellas … Continue reading

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Sereno’s Monster

Dr. Paul Sereno hasn’t published much in the last few years. Apparently the reason is because he just finished a monograph on Heterodontosauridae … a real monster at 225 pages. I haven’t the time to review this yet, but there’s … Continue reading

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Eventually, when I finish my current projects, I will get around to discussing conodonts, and their jaw-like … things. But for the moment, I’d like to call out to the various sources on the latest paper (not yet published in … Continue reading

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It’s kinda of a mystery, and I’m not sure I can solve it, but…

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Buck Teeth? Wait a Minute….

New news of a new newsworthy theropod dinosaur in the presses. It’s not published in paper yet, although the journal has it available (free) on its website. Because it’s not published (on paper) I will refrain from discussing the taxon … Continue reading

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A Little About Interdental Plates

Interdental plates represent another feature of variation in the dental row, and one generally taken for granted by most researchers, and the following illustration represents a crude way to encapsulate some of the variation that occurs in archosaurs. Because interdental … Continue reading

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