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Over at Saurian, Mark Wildman discusses one of the under-cared-for groups of large terrestrial reptiles, those lovable and odd hadrosauroids. In it, he made the following comment: Although hadrosaurines generally lacked raised cranial ornamentation, they, never the less, may have … Continue reading

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O Crest-less One

My brief forays into ornithischians is usually relegated to those heterodont taxa that are basal ornithopods and their ancestors (but not descendant thyreophorans, ceratopsians or pachycephalosaurs) because of the wonderful arrangement and oddity of their teeth. Once you get past … Continue reading

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Strange Snouts in Hadrosauroid Dinosaurs (Glishades ericksoni)

Brief comment to discuss something cool. Yesterday, Zootaxa published on a new hadrosauroid ornithischian dinosaur, Glishades ericksoni. The remarkable thing of note is a peculiar adaptation of the premaxillae, the only known bones preserved (so far). While I am loathe … Continue reading

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