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The Persistent Melancholy of Oviraptor

Or, what is Oviraptor? Originally described in 1924 by H. F. Osborn on the partial remains of a skeleton including the skull, neck, should, and forelimb, associated with some eggs inferred to belong to a ceratopsian the animal was predating, … Continue reading

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The Best Little Oviraptorid in Mongolia

The sweaty summers of the mid 1970s give way to cooler climes indoors, as a block of sandstone pulled from the red-and-orange rocks of the Djadokhta Formation in Mongolia’s southern Gobi Desert finds itself in Ulaanbator, the nation’s capital. Initially … Continue reading

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A Phylogenetic Prediction

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An Oviraptorosaur Alphabet

When a new taxon being described and in press by Lü Junchang and colleagues, there will be 32 uniquely named species. Some of these may be synonyms, some rather assuredly are, of other species; but most of these are broadly … Continue reading

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The Hell Creek Oviraptorosaur — What Does It Mean For Chirostenotes pergracilis?

Since the 1990’s, a few specimens have been kicking around of a particularly large oviraptorosaur from the Late Cretaceous of North America. Unlike the specimens that form the backbone of the Chirostenotes/Caenagnathus complex, these specimens come from the Maastrichtian, and … Continue reading

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Were There European Oviraptorosaurs?

You may have heard of this in a few sites recently, most notably at Darren Naish’s Tetrapod Zoology. If you haven’t, check it out along with Matt Martynuik’s take on what kind of animal Darren is talking about, which is … Continue reading

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Revising the Oviraptor Myth

What follows is an historical essay on a subject which was intended for eventual presentation at SVP (here, the second abstract), as part of a projection on research that would resolve something that has never been practically tested. This essay … Continue reading

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Better Know a [Dinosaur] – Elmisaurus rarus

This post won’t have much to do with teeth. This will eventually occur, when I focus on toothy things like Suminia (favorite non-mammalian synapsid) or toothless (and known-jawed but edentulous) in which case we come to the oviraptorosaurs, which are … Continue reading

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