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A Question of Money

As time goes on, it’s becoming harder and harder to keep progress on the website and handle my own day to day, so the blogging has diminished and even time to research and start work on the process of education … Continue reading

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A Look Back at the Bite Stuff, 2014 Edition

Another year over, and a new one’s about to begin. It’s the [western] new year, and it’s been a little more bumpy than normal. Big things happened! I blogged less, but the blogging was more radical.

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Blog Banner Bookkeeping

Skulls are fascinating. How the develop is fascinating, but what we end up with just as much. What these hard bits in the heads of animals can tell us about the not-hard bits of the head is extensive, but we’ve … Continue reading

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Coming Up…

I have more extensive blog posts planned for the upcoming month, but there have been issues associated with the time I’ve had available and my health due to lack of financial resources. As such, aside from a slight melancholy for … Continue reading

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BiteStuff Doings

I’ve been fairly busy, and should have thrown a few shorty things together, but I’ve merely only recently finished with something more extensive and have been trying to deal with editors and reviews on a paper in press and preparations … Continue reading

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By now some of you may have noticed that the banner at the top of the page has changed. Some of you may have noticed that it keeps changing. Indeed, that the banner has changed any time you reload, go … Continue reading

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Recap-o-Rama, 2012 Edition

This year, I began an increased effort over the last to “sell” the blog, increasing use of Twitter and Facebook to expand connectivity and provide a wider audience to the (somewhat storied sometimes) things I say here. I also started … Continue reading

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Recap-orama, 2011 Edition

I wanted to try out a “Best of” for this blog, as a way to pull back readers to things they may have missed, or to bring back attention to things they glossed over, or things I flubbed. Also, things … Continue reading

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Holiday Hiatus

I’m going to take a break for a while while I collate my thoughts, focus on work, and spend some time piecing together a few projects (including handling Measuring Caenagnathus‘ Jaw, discussing reasons Why Eshanosaurus is Probably Not a Therizinosauroid, … Continue reading

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All’s Quiet

Pardon the slow last few weeks, it’s been busy here for me as I am attending to home and work product that have dominated my work time. I’m also supposed to be finishing a draft on a paper and getting … Continue reading

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