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Jaws, Jaws, and More Jaws!

Just a summary, without much in the way of commentary, until I have a chance to more thoroughly engage these papers: 1. The Beak Bites Back

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The Skimmer, Exploded

Rhynchops niger is a fun animal. Not only does it have this wonderfully huge lower bill, there’s lots of fun little structures of the jaw that interact in ways one doesn’t really expect in birds.(The gap in the upper and … Continue reading

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Oviraptorid Jaw Muscles Described, Part 3

In the previous two posts (part 1 here, part 2 here), I discussed the shapes and sizes of the muscles and their origins and insertions of the oviraptorid skull. I deigned to provide the basis of the muscles mapped to … Continue reading

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Whatawhata Matamata?

Regardless of interesting things about trionychid turtles, there are odd things about other turtles that bear concern. For now, this is is a quick update on my bird/turtle beak morphologies study, here showing off the full jaw with rhamphotheca of … Continue reading

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Dinosaurs of the Morrison Had No Lips … or Did They?

Just a minor post. I wanted to present a portion of a larger project on attempting to illustrate typical dinosaurs (especially ornithischians), and I thought “What better method than that well-sampled and intriguing Morrison Formation and its remarkable diversity?” So … Continue reading

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Whether Beaks

One of the more interesting topics that has me a-giddy is the relation of the overlying rhamphotheca or keratinous horny beak to the underlying bone and the correlates that allow one to infer the former from the latter. Much of … Continue reading

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Oviraptorid Snouts – WP#1

Also, still breaking from the next post on oviraptorosaur diet (which will concern the group commonly referred to as “caenagnathids,” but also some outlying taxa and oddities involved). This will begin a series that will allow me to show off … Continue reading

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