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A Short Piece on Piscivores – Not All The Same

So you think you know a piscivore if you saw one? Not so fast. Take a look: Piscivores come in a large array of sizes and morphologies. Not all have teeth. Some are slender-snouted, others broad. What mostly defines a … Continue reading

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“Dances With Crocs”

If Steve Irwin were alive, and wanted to be in a movie with Kevin Costner … No! I will not shut up! It would be a glorious movie! And that’s what it would be called. This isn’t really a post. … Continue reading

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My, What Weird Teeth You Have!

Notosuchia is an odd group of crurotarsans, basal to the group of crocs including the modern forms and their earstwhile “croc-like” allies, or crocs that actually look like livign crocodilians to today. These are small to large crocs with often … Continue reading

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Hypercursorial Killer Crocs

There are quite a few “croc-grade” archosaurs out there that are peculiar, virtually most branches up until we get to “modern crocs” (i.e., gavials, crocs “proper” and gators, including caimans) seem fairly “croc-like” but differ in some peculiarities. We’ll discuss … Continue reading

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Better Know a [Crocbeak] – Macelognathus and Hallopus

When unusual crocs show up, take notice; they’re becoming less rare and we study more, but this doesn’t mean we know more about them, just more of them. Here, I will talk about one fascinating case, the small Morrison crocs … Continue reading

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Beaky Crocs – WP#18

This one will be short, as I need to work on other things, and this has been the reason for the reduced activity of late. There’s quite a lot to say about these taxa, and I intend to. For now, … Continue reading

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