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Art is, perhaps, one of the most expensive things I’ve ever done. And yet the process from setting pen or pencil to paper and producing something coherent seems effortless, flawless, quick, and easy. We make it easy, because we’ve had … Continue reading

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A Short Piece on Piscivores – Not All The Same

So you think you know a piscivore if you saw one? Not so fast. Take a look: Piscivores come in a large array of sizes and morphologies. Not all have teeth. Some are slender-snouted, others broad. What mostly defines a … Continue reading

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“Dances With Crocs”

If Steve Irwin were alive, and wanted to be in a movie with Kevin Costner … No! I will not shut up! It would be a glorious movie! And that’s what it would be called. This isn’t really a post. … Continue reading

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My, What Weird Teeth You Have!

Notosuchia is an odd group of crurotarsans, basal to the group of crocs including the modern forms and their earstwhile “croc-like” allies, or crocs that actually look like livign crocodilians to today. These are small to large crocs with often … Continue reading

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Hypercursorial Killer Crocs

There are quite a few “croc-grade” archosaurs out there that are peculiar, virtually most branches up until we get to “modern crocs” (i.e., gavials, crocs “proper” and gators, including caimans) seem fairly “croc-like” but differ in some peculiarities. We’ll discuss … Continue reading

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Better Know a [Crocbeak] – Macelognathus and Hallopus

When unusual crocs show up, take notice; they’re becoming less rare and we study more, but this doesn’t mean we know more about them, just more of them. Here, I will talk about one fascinating case, the small Morrison crocs … Continue reading

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Beaky Crocs – WP#18

This one will be short, as I need to work on other things, and this has been the reason for the reduced activity of late. There’s quite a lot to say about these taxa, and I intend to. For now, … Continue reading

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