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Hello, and welcome to Jaime Headden Art, where I offer you personal and professional illustration services. I specialize in technical, scientific illustration, specifically of bones and animals. However, illustration services extend beyond this, and can include a range of styles and subjects.

Requesting a commission from me entitles you, the commissioner, to a variety of things, chief among them confidentiality. As many of my clients are professional scientists needing to coordinate press releases or embargoes, keeping things “under wraps” is a must! You also receive some degree of control over the outcome of the product, through the form of feedback and creative input.

But the commissioner also bears some responsibilities: For each piece needing reference material, the easier I can obtain that material the better, and it is preferred key references be provided ahead of beginning on the commission. Photos, papers, private research or materials when necessary will be kept in absolute confidence. The more difficult research is to obtain, however, the less likely I am to use it. The piece might suffer.

Commission Process

Finally, what can you expect from me? I prefer interaction for my commissions; if left to my own devices, you may not receive the product you were hoping for. If you otherwise prefer me to go my own way, let me know! Below is an example of my preferred workflow, showing that a continual loop through review (talking to you about your commission) and sketch results in a final both of us can appreciate.

As an example, upon receipt of a commission instruction, I will begin work on creating a rough sketch of the commission. Once these details are established, we will negotiate the price of the commission. If the commissioner is not satisfied, the work ends and no money is exchanged.

However, if the pricing is acceptable, I will request 30% upfront prior to working on the next step. This is only waived if the commissioner and I have a degree of familiarity, but this is at my discretion and I will discuss this during negotiation. Once receipt of this fee is paid (or waived), I will begin researching the specifics and will produce a cleaner mock-up once this is done, with rough lines or objects blocked in, colors, etc. It might begin to look like something!

I will submit this mock-up to review and begin cleaning up trouble elements, moving objects, redrawing what is needed, and then fix issues with details, then we return to a new mock-up, progressing through this loop until the work nears “finished,” and a new review, until the commissioner is satisfied and I move to completing the work. This is then submitted, and I produce an invoice for the total fee (if 30% was paid already, I will remove this on the invoice) and will submit the final commission upon receipt of the final payment. If an original/physical sketch must be shipped, it will be handled at this time.


All prices offered are in USD, but as payment services can be converted, just adjust to the current exchange rates. Paypal, my preferred means of accepting payment, takes a piece out of every payment, but you only pay the commissioned price; this makes the Paypal cost a cost I bear, and is reflected in the commission prices (it is not an additional charge).

There is a price cut when doing multiple illustrations, especially if they are related or use similar materials, as the process of producing them is shared. This reduction is based on the commission work and number of unique pieces. For instance, 2 skeletal illustrations will only be ~80% of the cost of two skeletal illustrations; 3 is ~73%; being that the reduction for additional pieces of the same material/style is 60%.

As a note, two major elements of commission work not addressed in the price guides below, as they apply to all.

  1. Pencil and Ink pieces come with physical versions, often smaller than the digital version, as well as sketches and research mockups. If you wish copies of these pieces, there is an additional charge for shipping and handling and product security to ensure these pieces get to you. This price will depend on the size of the piece and amount, but starts at $10.
  2. I reserve all rights for all pieces, but will waive these rights beginning at $10 (per commission). If a single commission has multiple pieces (such as several views of a skull; two halves of a tattoo), the total commission is charged, not per piece. This is a service I offer to protect my right to sell prints or lower quality digital replicas.

Technical Illustration

Skulls and Bones

[Illustration depicts skull of Rhynchops niger, the Black Skimmer.]


[Illustration depicts Lystrosaurus hedini (top, left, and middle) and Cistecephalus microrhinus (bottom, right)]

Life Reconstructions

Complex scenes with multiple elements and background will increase the price of any below commission starting at double, depending on the work. This estimate will be handled when the concept sketch is produced (see Commission Process, above)

[Illustration depicts the many ways I might depict a dinosaur. This is not exhaustive.]

Other Works

Fantasy, fan art, card alters, tattoos or fantastical works require other provisions due to their special circumstances. These works are often far more personal and require special handling; as such, they will often be held in strictest confidence.