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I’m Just Gonna Leave These Here….

In the interests of open sourcing, the following skeletal reconstructions and descriptions are CC-BY. This means they are entirely open-access, and you may do whatever you wish with them so long as you attribute the material to me. You do … Continue reading

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Wrinkled Old Prune

Apatosaurus louisae, by far one of the more interesting sauropods of the Morrison. This is really just to show off facial integument at close range for sauropods. That is, fleshy oral tissues, distal nostrils near snout tip, a hint of … Continue reading

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On Sauropod “Cheeks”

As SVP looms, and its contents include much interesting things, especially in several valuable studies on the soft-tissue anatomy of sauropod necks and heads — but which I won’t further discuss outside of the authors’ own discussions — I figured … Continue reading

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What Carbon Has To Do With It

This may go under the radar, so I consider it opportune to mention it. While it doesn’t directly consider fossil archosaurs in any fashion, or a ridiculously over-hyped but very popular group of bird-stem archosaurs, the study at hand does … Continue reading

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The Next Step

While discussing lips in theropod dinosaurs is easy, and a bit dinosaur-centric (what about lips in nondinosaurian archosaurs?!), there are two major elements of the dinosaury that bear understanding: First, that ornithischians present an additional hurdle to overcome when discussing … Continue reading

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What Use A Perfect Specimen?

A holotype specimen is important in systematics when the taxonomist desires to use an ideal specimen upon which a new animal is created. It is the first, and best specimen, for future systematists to refer to when comparing other taxa. … Continue reading

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To Play Devil’s Advocate

Recently, Mike Taylor of University College London and Matt Wedel of the Western University of Health Services (both of  SV-POW!) and Rich Cifelli (of the Oklahoma Museum of Natural History) have published a paper describing a new taxon, Brontomerus mcintoshi … Continue reading

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