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Strange Tid[w]ings

The new small theropod Yi qi was described 29 April, 2015, far too late to be a practical joke for All Fools’ Day (by 4 weeks, precisely). Why would it be? The animal, described by Xu Xing and a number … Continue reading

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A Look Back at the Bite Stuff, 2014 Edition

Another year over, and a new one’s about to begin. It’s the [western] new year, and it’s been a little more bumpy than normal. Big things happened! I blogged less, but the blogging was more radical.

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Really, again? You’ve got to be fucking kidding me!

I honestly don’t think I can write any more on how bad Alan Feduccia’s “science” is on the subject of bird origins than I already have, here. Briefly, Dr. Alan Feduccia has teamed up with earstwhile companion in quackery Stephen … Continue reading

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Are Scansoriopterygids Oviraptorosaurs?

Scansoriopterygidae represent one of those bizarre groups of animals that seem to defy simplistic evaluation; there’s always something about them that says “You should compare with that that other group” whenever you look at a part. It doesn’t help that … Continue reading

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Incredulous Teeth, III: The Nitpicker

You have to hand it to a creature that had bigger teeth on the lower jaw, than it does on the upper.

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