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Pegomastax and the “Echinodonts”

In my last post, I mentioned Sereno’s monster — a 225-page monograph on Heterodontosauridae — and some of its variant findings. I am especially interested in the features discussed about the “echinodonts,” a small grouping of probably plesiomorphically small, “simple-toothed” … Continue reading

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Sereno’s Monster

Dr. Paul Sereno hasn’t published much in the last few years. Apparently the reason is because he just finished a monograph on Heterodontosauridae … a real monster at 225 pages. I haven’t the time to review this yet, but there’s … Continue reading

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Sabretooths Spread Thick and Thin

Some time back (about a year ago, in fact), I wrote about the hypothesis where Heterodontosaurus tucki, a small ornithischian from the Early Jurassic of southern Africa, might actually have been a basal marginocephalian, joining the ranks of blatant look-a-likes … Continue reading

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