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Facial Expressions

The various and many ways to make a “cheek,” and the various facial tissues for which we have primary (preserved remains) and secondary (inferred) evidence for, in fossil sauropsidans. (These images are CC-BY-ND-NC. Please don’t take them without permission.)

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Yesterday is Today is Tomorrow is Yesterday

Check this out! On the heels of their book, All Yesterdays, John Conway and Memo Koseman are hosting a contest for illustration much in the spirit of that book. (Love in the Time of Chasmosaurs is also hosting a contest, … Continue reading

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Memo Koseman Chides Me With Turtles, and Other Musings

So today, after spending a relaxing yesterday working on two unrelated projects (one of which was the subject of this comment-heavy post on my hypothesis on oviraptorid diet), Memo Koseman (or NemoRamjet, of DeviantArt, who is a fantastic artist, by … Continue reading

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Cheeky Commentary on Ornithischians

In my last post on the issue of recovering the probable structure of extra-oral tissues in dinosaurs, bracketed as they are between crocs and birds, but with lacertilians and other reptiles outside of that grouping, I suggested that one important … Continue reading

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Support for a Lipless, Cheekless Dinosaur World

First, let me set up this discussion with an image: Sure you’ve seen this one before. A cross-section through the skull of Velociraptor mongoliensis, with some extreme simplification. Red indicates gum tissue, peach indicates skin (with volume from fats), blue … Continue reading

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