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Crowned Kings

A recently completed art project (ostensibly to hone skills and objectively to explore reconstruction ideas) led me through the Ceratopsidae from its beginnings to its end. This was observed on Twitter, where I posted each full piece (at reduced size), … Continue reading


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The “Toroceratops” Debate is Entering a New Round!

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“Toroceratops” Matters, as an Open Discussion

So there’s this debate, which I may have discussed — more than once, twice, or thrice — before, in which it is argued that the taxa Triceratops and Torosaurus represent young adult and old adult representatives of the same species. … Continue reading

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The Thing I Like About “Toroceratops”

Let me first apologize for using “Toroceratops.” There is no such taxon, but the name is being used to describe the debate that is now raging through the dinosaur paleontological circuit, and it’s too catchy not to use. Now, on … Continue reading

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I Cannot Compel to Reason: Triceratops, We Done It Again

Earlier this year, Andy Farke took the opportunity of  a remodel to assess the skull of that classic of classic dinosaurs, Nedoceratops hatcheri. Formally named by Richard Swan Lull (completing a monograph that first OC Marsh had begun but uncompleted … Continue reading

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The Stolen Nutcracker

Of all my work, the most popular seems to be that of the leptoceratopsid Udanoceratops tschizhovi (Kurzanov, 1992). This is not because this is some supreme piece of masterwork, my open or of any quality of the piece itself, but … Continue reading

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Ontogeny and Taxa

I’d promised some follow-up posts to two previous ones in which I describe other “issues” I perceived. The first was a continuation of what I felt was wrong about the argument of Scannella and Horner (here) in regards to their … Continue reading

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Horns, Frills, Knobs and Domes – Morphological Ontogeny

Recently I’ve been embroiled in a discussion with various professional paleontologists, interested scientists, and lay paleophiles on the topic of the synonymy proposed by Scannella and Horner [1] for the Hell Creek chasmosaurine ceratopsians Triceratops and Torosaurus. I feel it … Continue reading

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Scare Quotes and Recent Ceratopsians

Scare quotes are a figurative use of quotation marks to imply the object(s) being enclosed (be it a theory, phrase, or word) are not proscribed by the quoting author(s) [n1]. In this case, they are used around taxonomic names that … Continue reading

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Some Relief to Anticipation

I’ve recently had an opportunity to digest in part the contents of a book I mentioned back here. In this work, authors perform much new taxonomic work, but there’s some theoretical stuff there, too. Eventually, I’ll get around to reading … Continue reading

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