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Oviraptorids of Southern China

(This is a brief post. I am still working on other projects, and new stuff that interests me keeps coming out!) Eventually, a review topic will have to be done to work on these guys. There are now quite a … Continue reading

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Long Fluffy Tails

While the news is abuzz about new things in the paleontological circles (a new South American tyrannosaurine [which has yet to be published], a new tapejaroid pterosaur from the fantastic beds of Las Hoyas, Spain named Europejara olcadesorum) there is … Continue reading


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Revising the Oviraptor Myth

What follows is an historical essay on a subject which was intended for eventual presentation at SVP (here, the second abstract), as part of a projection on research that would resolve something that has never been practically tested. This essay … Continue reading

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Better Know a [Dinosaur] – Elmisaurus rarus

This post won’t have much to do with teeth. This will eventually occur, when I focus on toothy things like Suminia (favorite non-mammalian synapsid) or toothless (and known-jawed but edentulous) in which case we come to the oviraptorosaurs, which are … Continue reading

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