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A Short Piece on Piscivores – Not All The Same

So you think you know a piscivore if you saw one? Not so fast. Take a look: Piscivores come in a large array of sizes and morphologies. Not all have teeth. Some are slender-snouted, others broad. What mostly defines a … Continue reading

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Whatawhata Matamata?

Regardless of interesting things about trionychid turtles, there are odd things about other turtles that bear concern. For now, this is is a quick update on my bird/turtle beak morphologies study, here showing off the full jaw with rhamphotheca of … Continue reading

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Memo Koseman Chides Me With Turtles, and Other Musings

So today, after spending a relaxing yesterday working on two unrelated projects (one of which was the subject of this comment-heavy post on my hypothesis on oviraptorid diet), Memo Koseman (or NemoRamjet, of DeviantArt, who is a fantastic artist, by … Continue reading

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Turtle Beaks And Dinosaurs

It’s interesting to note that that beaks of animals come in all sorts of strange shapes, including hooks and serrations. Sometimes, none of this matches the underlying bone structure.

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Something Is Wrong Here

Eugene Gaffney, turtle expert from the American Museum of Natural History & David Krause, mammal expert from the Department of Anatomical Sciences at Stony Brook University, both in New York State, US, have recently described  a new fossil pelomedusoid turtle … Continue reading

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