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A Saw in the Jaw of a Sea-God

The Devonian was a time of wonder and mystique. The Age of Fishes, it capped the rise of vertebrates and heralded the rise of skeletal diversity. Fish in this age began to inch towards the shore; some would have crawled … Continue reading

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Branching Beaks

What a strange animal, I think, is the Rhamphorhynchus muensteri.

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All Your Guessing Games

What? Another All Your Yesterdays mention? Sorta. You remember when I asked you all what this might be? Someone got the right answer, although I’d love to speculate how they came about it. I have a clue, and it might … Continue reading

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All YOUR Yesterdays

Not that long ago, Memo Koseman, John Conway, and Darren Naish published a book titled “All Yesterdays,” a volume that encapsulated a philosophy of flexibility in reconstruction of ancient life, and a short perspective on the problems facing modern reconstruction … Continue reading

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A Phylogenetic Prediction

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The Enfluffening

As we dig deeper into the past and our investigative techniques broaden and our perspectives with it, biological aspects of ancient life become more and more interesting. Of the most visual of these is the presence of non-scaly integument in … Continue reading

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The Hypothetical Noasaur

I suggested once that I would produce a reconstruction of a noasaurid skull, based on new material from the Maeverano Formation of Madagascar (Masiakasaurus knopfleri), but I haven’t got around to it. While catching a recording of TVs latest pseudo-scientific … Continue reading

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