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Azendohsaurus – Former Dinosaur – Recieves Makeover

There’s no shortage of fossil archosaurs now named solely from teeth, or partial jaw bones but diagnosed or described primarily on teeth. Last I checked, this number was well over 150. Most recently, some of these used to be dinosaurs, … Continue reading

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Tyrannosaurs Don’t All Have Bananas for Teeth

One of the things that I’ve been itching to do is generate a database of variation in dental series across a variety of taxa, virtually most if not all variations of archosaurs and beyond. This is to assess the quality … Continue reading

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Troodontid Teeth – WP#6

A small selection of troodontid theropod teeth is presented below. Before you get to it, however, note that for among some of these taxa, their identities are a little shaky. This has a lot to do with one of the … Continue reading

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The Domed and the Tooth(less)

This post will discuss soemthing that a paper has already done in full — however, some conclusions about this paper’s result means that I will re-cover what it did, and make a different argument. That paper is Krause et al. … Continue reading

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Carcharodontosaurus — a Bloody Tooth-Taxon

Carcharodontosaurus saharicus is a taxon many potential readers may be familiar with. Through the work of paleontologists like Ernst von Stromer and Paul Sereno, much of what we know about this taxon is possible. It would surprise you then to … Continue reading

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Another Dinosaur Bites the Dust

Bill Parker over at Chinleana has covered this here, but I figured I’d highlight somethin he says, and something the paper notes. The new archosauromorph Azendohsaurus madagaskariensis [1]  supplements our previosu taxon Azendohsaurus laaroussi [2,3], and provides damning evidence against … Continue reading


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Tooth-Based Taxonomy

Taking abreak here to discuss something more germane to this blog’s theme. We’ll get back to oviraptorosaurs and their nearly utter lack of teeth shortly. Tooth-based taxonomy (or TBT) is something you will see frequently from here on in this … Continue reading

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