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Dromaeosaurs are Terrestrial Hawks

Denver Fowler and colleagues have just published a series of papers dealing with the reconstruction of predatory behavior as indicated by the proportions, curvature, and anatomy of the pes in theropod dinosaurs. They began this study investigating birds, and the … Continue reading


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Incredulous Teeth, II: The Many Similar Teeth of Zanabazar

Zanabazar junior is a troodontid, named for famed Mongolian Öndör Geγeen Zanabazar (Өндөр Гэгээн Занабазар), an icon who brought Buddhism to the Mongols from the north from China. The name is translated from Mongolian as “known-vigor” and is derived from … Continue reading

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Tooth Denticles — WP#5 (Update)

A few weeks ago, I posted this image: And I asked this question: “One of these is NOT a theropod dinosaur. Can you guess which is which?” After a few weeks, I’m closing this gripping debate:

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Troodontid Teeth – WP#6

A small selection of troodontid theropod teeth is presented below. Before you get to it, however, note that for among some of these taxa, their identities are a little shaky. This has a lot to do with one of the … Continue reading

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