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Dromaeosaurs are Terrestrial Hawks

Denver Fowler and colleagues have just published a series of papers dealing with the reconstruction of predatory behavior as indicated by the proportions, curvature, and anatomy of the pes in theropod dinosaurs. They began this study investigating birds, and the … Continue reading

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Making Lip of It

I’m more than a little interested in the “how you know” of paleontological reconstruction. As it may be apparent by now, I’m an artist, and as such tend to see things on an aesthetic level more than a technical one. … Continue reading

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Southern Raptors II: Grooves, Cones, and Carinae

When dealing with incompletely preserved or incompletely prepared material, superficial statements are often used to describe a feature so that it can be “assessed” by the readers in some fashion. Take, for example, the following image:

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Microraptor’s Hindwings – WP#2

Second in the series, following my previous entry. I will be posting these on Sunday of each week (simply because it’s convenient) so this will be posted only a few days after the previous installment. All other installments follow each … Continue reading

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