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Facial Expressions

The various and many ways to make a “cheek,” and the various facial tissues for which we have primary (preserved remains) and secondary (inferred) evidence for, in fossil sauropsidans. (These images are CC-BY-ND-NC. Please don’t take them without permission.)

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The Emaciated Tyrannosaur – a Reply to Ford, 1997

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A Saw in the Jaw of a Sea-God

The Devonian was a time of wonder and mystique. The Age of Fishes, it capped the rise of vertebrates and heralded the rise of skeletal diversity. Fish in this age began to inch towards the shore; some would have crawled … Continue reading

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A Skull Reconstruction for Daemonosaurus

Recall my earlier post on Daemonosaurus chauliodus. At the time, I thought this was a pretty silly dinosaur to provide a reconstruction for, since for the most part I agreed with the authors’ reconstruction, it matched the skull as i … Continue reading

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Yesterday is Today is Tomorrow is Yesterday

Check this out! On the heels of their book, All Yesterdays, John Conway and Memo Koseman are hosting a contest for illustration much in the spirit of that book. (Love in the Time of Chasmosaurs is also hosting a contest, … Continue reading

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Dr. Masiaka, Meet Mr. Vicious

Very short post. The full post will occur on October 31st. So what was the solution to my “mystery theropod“? Here is the first image. Seems innocent enough. But appearances are deceiving. This is Dr. Masiaka, and as one can … Continue reading

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On Sauropod “Cheeks”

As SVP looms, and its contents include much interesting things, especially in several valuable studies on the soft-tissue anatomy of sauropod necks and heads — but which I won’t further discuss outside of the authors’ own discussions — I figured … Continue reading

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