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The Persistent Melancholy of Oviraptor

Or, what is Oviraptor? Originally described in 1924 by H. F. Osborn on the partial remains of a skeleton including the skull, neck, should, and forelimb, associated with some eggs inferred to belong to a ceratopsian the animal was predating, … Continue reading

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Every Which Way But Spinosaurus

The Saga Continues… Today marks the publication of a new paper describing spinosaurine material from the Kem Kem of Morocco, specifically a set of quadrate bones, the upper portion of the original tetrapod jaw joint. It’s freely available in PLoS … Continue reading

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A Look Back at the Bite Stuff, 2013 Edition

So this past year, now as freshly 2014 (by my calendar) as it can be, lends me the ability to measure the productivity of the blog, and I must say, some things are surprising, and some are not.

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Belated Leptorhynchos

Nick Longrich has a new publication out, with fellow colleagues from Texas, discussing the taxonomy of a few new oviraptorosaurs. Following up on their earlier publication describing “Leptorhynchos” gaddisi, Longrich et al. have fixed the error of not having fixed … Continue reading

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On the Nature of Being a Pterosaur

Pterosaurs are one of those groups that attracts pure and unadulterated fascination, though not the kind that in children is bent to sabre-toothed tigers and roaring, rampaging dinosaurs. No, pterosaurs evoke a sense more of the subdued wonder, and intrigue, … Continue reading

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An Oviraptorosaur Worth the Name?

The newest oviraptorosaur on the blog is, in fact, one of the oldest. Nick Longrich and colleagues (Ken Barnes, along with Scott Clark and Larry Millar from Paleo Field Excursions, who collect in the Big Bend area in which the … Continue reading

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An Oviraptorosaur Alphabet

When a new taxon being described and in press by Lü Junchang and colleagues, there will be 32 uniquely named species. Some of these may be synonyms, some rather assuredly are, of other species; but most of these are broadly … Continue reading

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Recap-o-Rama, 2012 Edition

This year, I began an increased effort over the last to “sell” the blog, increasing use of Twitter and Facebook to expand connectivity and provide a wider audience to the (somewhat storied sometimes) things I say here. I also started … Continue reading

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So, What If Ornithischians Did Have “Cheeks”?

I will not go into too much detail, because I want to work on the analytical part of this more in depth. I started my inquiry into the structure of jaw anatomy in ornithischians roughly about the same time that … Continue reading

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