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All YOUR Yesterdays

Not that long ago, Memo Koseman, John Conway, and Darren Naish published a book titled “All Yesterdays,” a volume that encapsulated a philosophy of flexibility in reconstruction of ancient life, and a short perspective on the problems facing modern reconstruction … Continue reading


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On the Nature of Being a Pterosaur

Pterosaurs are one of those groups that attracts pure and unadulterated fascination, though not the kind that in children is bent to sabre-toothed tigers and roaring, rampaging dinosaurs. No, pterosaurs evoke a sense more of the subdued wonder, and intrigue, … Continue reading

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Field Guide to the Dead

Most of you will have heard that the following book has been published, and that its author (one Gregory S. Paul) has managed to fill this work out which many of his lavish, rich, and beautiful illustrations. It should come … Continue reading

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