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New Domes, New Interpretations

Thanks to Bob Sullivan, many of his co-authored publications from the New Mexico Museum of Natural History and Science (NMNHS) Bulletin are now available online (which you can find here). I talked about one of them, naming new oviraptorosaurs Ojoraptorsaurus … Continue reading


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When Flat-Head Met Dome-y

One of the most interesting aspects of ornithischian phylogeny has been (alongside whether heterodontosaurs are ornithopods or whatever) is the nature of many pachycephalosaur taxa. Recently, Schott et al. (2003) have done some great detective work in nailing down what … Continue reading

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Horns, Frills, Knobs and Domes – Morphological Ontogeny

Recently I’ve been embroiled in a discussion with various professional paleontologists, interested scientists, and lay paleophiles on the topic of the synonymy proposed by Scannella and Horner [1] for the Hell Creek chasmosaurine ceratopsians Triceratops and Torosaurus. I feel it … Continue reading

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Sabre-Toothed Dinosaurs

And not one of them is a theropod. Oh, you’re thinking of Incisivosaurus gauthieri? It’s clearly a bunny-toothed dinosaur. What follows is a discussion on one of my favorite topics: The dentition of Goyocephale lattimorei.

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