By now some of you may have noticed that the banner at the top of the page has changed. Some of you may have noticed that it keeps changing. Indeed, that the banner has changed any time you reload, go to a new page, etc. The first banner always depicted the mosasaur Globidens dakotensis, in a variety of ways; but it was always intended that this banner be unstable, altering as my needs suited me. I felt the model (a stippled skull in a very pleasant, earthy reddish-brown silhouette) worked extremely well, and thus that the design would be useful to me, and so it has been for the last few years. Now, things are changing, and I’m getting off my butt and making NEW banners in the same style, depicting new animals; these are in a random queue so that the banner you see will differ one click to the next, or stay the same, or whatever. It is eventually my intention to have enough there that you may never encounter the same one twice in, say, a month of reading the blog.


This is for a far broader project in depicting a diversity of craniate, jawed or even jawless animals in this style, and plug them into a silhouette to show the fit of the “skull” to that of the body.

The types of animals represented so far are almost all tetrapods, though there is a fish in there. This will eventually change, but as yet I have a few theropsids, many sauropsids, and the aforementioned fish. I will be exploring the diversity of jaw structures in these banners, as well as the integumentary morphology in silhouette, and it is my eventual desire to turn these silhouettes into shirts, etc., depending on the desire FOR them. For that to happen, I need your help. The sheer diversity of animals also depends on my time and effort, though the intention is to capture the evolution of teeth and toothlessness — which is why you’ll be seeing more than a few relatively tooth-light mammals in this mix in the future.

Jump in the comments and let me know how you’d like this to go — if you’d buy one of these banner images, with the silhouette appropriately integumentated, or what animal skulls particularly interest you.

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5 Responses to Bannerz

  1. Andrea Cau says:

    Great idea, and very good works!
    When the skull and silhouette appropriately integumentated of the blog author himself?

  2. Fantastic idea, love it!
    Also, I like that you’re using skulls of particular species instead of more common animals (I still think that the sloth is just pure genius).
    The list of animal skulls to do is very, very long…Some ornitischians or therizinosaur could be just fine. Oh, and you should definitely make a banner with the mata-mata; that’s intriguing.

  3. Alessio says:

    Wonderful idea indeed!
    I’d like to see the silhouetted view of Dilophosaurus’ skull, oh, and of course some tyrannosaurid’s head would be cool… Also some pelycosaur, like Dimetrodon perhaps?

  4. Adam says:

    Chelus fimbriata, any chamaeleonid, a beaked whale, and Lampris guttatus

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