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‘Tis the Season

Not one to celebrate most holidays, it rarely occurs to me to accommodate others. This holiday season, many of my non-religious friends join in the merriment of their more religious friends, and at the same time family (mostly a-religious or … Continue reading

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On the Nature of Being a Pterosaur

Pterosaurs are one of those groups that attracts pure and unadulterated fascination, though not the kind that in children is bent to sabre-toothed tigers and roaring, rampaging dinosaurs. No, pterosaurs evoke a sense more of the subdued wonder, and intrigue, … Continue reading

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Criminal Lineup

Via Facebook comes this cute comic from Felippe Nanni posted on his DeviantArt page: Little does the officer know, she kidnapped the oviraptor’s own eggs and took a bite before the oviraptor came home and called the cops. The cops … Continue reading

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Time to Update Wikipedia

Currently, Wikipedia represents one of the best resources for gathering information about … well, everything. The thing it, Wikipedia only works as long as two things are true: 1. The information presented in it is accurate, and updated with new … Continue reading

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Where I Question Commitment to Value of Open Access Everything

It is OA Week, so while this post would normally fall into the Thursday slot for my ‘regular” posting, I am putting it up now as my post for the remainder of the week.

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Tyrannosaurus Publicity

There’s a trope in media whereby using a famous figure for advertisement, viewers have a tendency to associate that figure instead of anything the advertisement might actually contain. Celebrity sells. In American comics, for example, this is called “Wolverine Publicity,” … Continue reading

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A Welcome

Where the author exhortates on himself and his purposes Continue reading

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