Shameless Plugging

No, really shameless plugging.

I’ve recently begun using product producer site to make items for sale for my art. I’ve been using DeviantArt and its broad networking possibilities, but this tends to only attract artists themselves, and is not necessarily a strong resource for nonartists to peruse. As an artist, I feel a need to market myself broadly, and while I’ve made some money over the years, I am stepping up the shout. That means, making products that people seem to appreciate of my work, that they can wear:

Skull illustrations:

Looks Like a Turtle 2

Some of my ink illustrations, like my site mascot:

Conodont in Ink

Some of my “nice” graphite illustrations:

Anurognath  Muscle Study

But you can also frame these for display, although this is limited to some of my better, and popular works:

Terrestrisuchus Muscle Study

Or what is by far my most popular illustration (after my Spinosaurus skeletal, that is):

Swift Killer's Revenge

Git ‘er a look-see, and support your local artist!

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