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A Question of Money

As time goes on, it’s becoming harder and harder to keep progress on the website and handle my own day to day, so the blogging has diminished and even time to research and start work on the process of education … Continue reading

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‘Tis the Season

Not one to celebrate most holidays, it rarely occurs to me to accommodate others. This holiday season, many of my non-religious friends join in the merriment of their more religious friends, and at the same time family (mostly a-religious or … Continue reading

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Shameless Plugging

No, really shameless plugging. I’ve recently begun using product producer site to make items for sale for my art. I’ve been using DeviantArt and its broad networking possibilities, but this tends to only attract artists themselves, and is not … Continue reading

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“I aten’t ded”

Apologies to Granny Weatherwax.

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In Memoriam

Dan Varner, artist of things paleontological, has passed away, survived by his wife. I am immensely affected by this loss because Dan was one of those very open, cheery sorts who gave earnest advice and did great art. I met … Continue reading

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Recap-orama, 2011 Edition

I wanted to try out a “Best of” for this blog, as a way to pull back readers to things they may have missed, or to bring back attention to things they glossed over, or things I flubbed. Also, things … Continue reading

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Holiday Hiatus

I’m going to take a break for a while while I collate my thoughts, focus on work, and spend some time piecing together a few projects (including handling Measuring Caenagnathus‘ Jaw, discussing reasons Why Eshanosaurus is Probably Not a Therizinosauroid, … Continue reading

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