Megalancosaurus Limbs – WP#14

While the forelimb of Drepanosaurus unguicaudatus is very, very different from the general tetrapod design with its huge ulnare [n1], it’s still recognizably a forelimb. The forelimb of Megalancosaurus preonensis was a lot less strange, but unique in its own way: It also had a large ulnare, short radiale, but combined this with a bizarre chameleon-like hand cofiguration.

Forelimb of Megalancosaurus preonensis in medial, lateral, anterior and posterior views.

Rather unlike both, the hindlimb of Megalancosaurus preonensis was extremely distinct from Drepanosaurus unguicaudatus, bearing a mammal-like diverging pollex.

Hindlimb of Megalancosaurus preonensis in anterior, lateral, medial and posterior views.

[n1] Weekly Picture #13: Peculiar Limb Exaptation.

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