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Memo Koseman Chides Me With Turtles, and Other Musings

So today, after spending a relaxing yesterday working on two unrelated projects (one of which was the subject of this comment-heavy post on my hypothesis on oviraptorid diet), Memo Koseman (or NemoRamjet, of DeviantArt, who is a fantastic artist, by … Continue reading

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Cheeky Commentary on Ornithischians

In my last post on the issue of recovering the probable structure of extra-oral tissues in dinosaurs, bracketed as they are between crocs and birds, but with lacertilians and other reptiles outside of that grouping, I suggested that one important … Continue reading

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Support for a Lipless, Cheekless Dinosaur World

First, let me set up this discussion with an image: Sure you’ve seen this one before. A cross-section through the skull of Velociraptor mongoliensis, with some extreme simplification. Red indicates gum tissue, peach indicates skin (with volume from fats), blue … Continue reading

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Making Lip of It

I’m more than a little interested in the “how you know” of paleontological reconstruction. As it may be apparent by now, I’m an artist, and as such tend to see things on an aesthetic level more than a technical one. … Continue reading

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Incredulous Teeth, I: With Twin Crests

Here begins a new series. I will be spending some time showcasing the skulls of unusually-dentitioned animals (or showing the peculiar jaws of these animals, specially if they lack teeth). The first of these is Dilophosaurus wetherilli.

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