Wrapping It Up

It’s the end of the [Western] year, and the holiday season is underway. With this, I will leave the year off unless something comes up with my version of a reconstruction of Edmonotosaurus regalis (actually, Edmontosaurus annectens) rendered via a new specimen suggesting a fleshy “cocks’-comb” surmounted the head. Rather than provide this as an isolated comb-like thing, as the authors did not justify why the margins of the structure are intact, or take into account that the lateral margins of the stucture are flush with the sides of the skull, but reconstruct it as being inset and median, I’ve chosen an alternate take. So I leave you with a final illustration for the year:

Edmontosaurus sm

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6 Responses to Wrapping It Up

  1. jrabdale says:

    I liked your Edmontosaurus drawing. It’s interesting how you portrayed it with baggy folds of skin around the neck. I’m reminded of the sculptures that Stephan Czerkas made, although not embellished to this level. The Edmontosaurus drawing on my blog is more traditional. Happy (insert preferred holiday here) to you!

    • There’s a bit of over-wrinkling involved, very Czerkas-like if you will; it’s mostly fiction, as there’s no hint the mummies had this type of wrinkling on this species. I commented elsewhere (on Facebook, actually) that there’s a possibility the diamond-shaped nodes forming rows are subcutaneous fat deposits and might not actually show up in a fully fleshed neck, but for this I cannot be at all confident, so integrated them into the illustration, as did Julius Cstonyi’s illustration.

  2. I also disagree with how Julius Csotonyi portrayed it. I should note though that I think you’re reconstruction is overly skeptical. Not all chicken breeds have combs that are purely midline structures:

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