The Strange Case of Dr. Masiaka, Preview

Just a short post, and a picture.

Reconstructed entire skull of PVL 4061, holotype of Noasaurus leali (Bonaparte & Powell, 1980).

One gets to a strange skull in a rather indirect way, generally by the way of animals bizarre and assumptions many. Very little of the above skull is real, and in fact only two parts of it actually exist: a maxilla, and a quadrate. On the basis of a few other animals, I made some inferences and projected the development of this basal abelisaurian in order to figure out if my reconstruction of the skull of Masiakasaurus knopfleri (promised here) was going to hold water. Wait and see, and then rip ‘er apart.

Bonaparte, J.F. & Powell, J.E., 1980. A continental assemblage of tetrapods from the Upper Cretaceous beds of El Brete, northwestern Argentina (Sauropoda, Coelurosauria, Carnosauria, Carnosauria, Aves). Mémoires Societe Geologie France 139:19-28.

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