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The Squirrel Imitator

Ok, so I get why Oliver Rauhut and crew named their new theropod dinosaur, a purported megalosauroid, Sciurumimus albersdoerferi. It has all the appreciative charm of being cute, fluffy, and the specimen is preserved with its tail up and over … Continue reading

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Oviraptorids and Cranial Morphometrics 2: Reloaded

Hot on the heels of my post on how cranial morphometric analyses of theropods end up excluding oviraptorids from them, a new paper ups the ante. (Of course, I do not mean that these papers actively exclude oviraptorids, but rather … Continue reading

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Incredulous Teeth, I: With Twin Crests

Here begins a new series. I will be spending some time showcasing the skulls of unusually-dentitioned animals (or showing the peculiar jaws of these animals, specially if they lack teeth). The first of these is Dilophosaurus wetherilli.

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Southern Raptors II: Grooves, Cones, and Carinae

When dealing with incompletely preserved or incompletely prepared material, superficial statements are often used to describe a feature so that it can be “assessed” by the readers in some fashion. Take, for example, the following image:

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Southern Raptors: Not What They Seem

Unenlagiidae is the name commonly used to envelop a small cadre of southern, Gondwana-only theropods. Recently, some papers have been published that cast new perspectives on these taxa, including a review of the group. Some forthcoming papers even concern the … Continue reading

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A Cretaceous Parrot?

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Spinosaurus – a Hint

So last year, I illustrated a series of vertebrae into a novel arrangement, using a variety of cues to inform my decision. Note that this was done in order peek at a topic I’ve been hashing around in regards to … Continue reading

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