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Oviraptorids and Cranial Morphometrics 2: Reloaded

Hot on the heels of my post on how cranial morphometric analyses of theropods end up excluding oviraptorids from them, a new paper ups the ante. (Of course, I do not mean that these papers actively exclude oviraptorids, but rather … Continue reading

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Incredulous Teeth, I: With Twin Crests

Here begins a new series. I will be spending some time showcasing the skulls of unusually-dentitioned animals (or showing the peculiar jaws of these animals, specially if they lack teeth). The first of these is Dilophosaurus wetherilli.

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Southern Raptors II: Grooves, Cones, and Carinae

When dealing with incompletely preserved or incompletely prepared material, superficial statements are often used to describe a feature so that it can be “assessed” by the readers in some fashion. Take, for example, the following image:

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Southern Raptors: Not What They Seem

Unenlagiidae is the name commonly used to envelop a small cadre of southern, Gondwana-only theropods. Recently, some papers have been published that cast new perspectives on these taxa, including a review of the group. Some forthcoming papers even concern the … Continue reading

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A Cretaceous Parrot?

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Spinosaurus – a Hint

So last year, I illustrated a series of vertebrae into a novel arrangement, using a variety of cues to inform my decision. Note that this was done in order peek at a topic I’ve been hashing around in regards to … Continue reading

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Better Know a [Aussie] – The Rainbow Serpent of Oz

L. Frank Baum might roll in his grave if I alluded to gay dinosaurs in Oz. Well, insofar as dinosaurs with rainbow-colored bones from Oz (aka, Australia) might be considered “gay.” But that’s just what Kakuru kujani is … a … Continue reading

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My Friend Dave

Meet Dave:

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Pubic Orientation — WP#8

One of the more interesting non-dental features of theropod dinosaur evolution is the orientation of the pubis. Historically, it was used to help affirm the transition of the modern bird form from that of particular theropod dinosaurs. Back then, it … Continue reading

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Tooth Denticles — WP#5 (Update)

A few weeks ago, I posted this image: And I asked this question: “One of these is NOT a theropod dinosaur. Can you guess which is which?” After a few weeks, I’m closing this gripping debate:

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