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Dinosaurs of the Morrison Had No Lips … or Did They?

Just a minor post. I wanted to present a portion of a larger project on attempting to illustrate typical dinosaurs (especially ornithischians), and I thought “What better method than that well-sampled and intriguing Morrison Formation and its remarkable diversity?” So … Continue reading

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The Demon of the Chinle

Very rarely do you get to just shove your hand deep into the Mythology Pool and pull out a name like Daemonosaurus.

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When Flat-Head Met Dome-y

One of the most interesting aspects of ornithischian phylogeny has been (alongside whether heterodontosaurs are ornithopods or whatever) is the nature of many pachycephalosaur taxa. Recently, Schott et al. (2003) have done some great detective work in nailing down what … Continue reading

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On Ceratops

Three things to note here: 1. Ceratops montanus is not complete, and is based on incomplete cranial remains that are considered unusable for further taxonomic purposes. It is, in short, a nomen dubium. 2. The word ceratops is a Latinized … Continue reading

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Leaellynasaura and Caudal Length in Ornithischians

Recent attention as risen in regards to a brief abstract submitted at the 69th Annual Meeting of the Society of Vertebrate Paleontology, held in September of 2009 in Bristol, England. There, William Matthew Herne presented a preliminary report of material … Continue reading

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Tooth Denticles — WP#5 (Update)

A few weeks ago, I posted this image: And I asked this question: “One of these is NOT a theropod dinosaur. Can you guess which is which?” After a few weeks, I’m closing this gripping debate:

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Sabre-Toothed Dinosaurs

And not one of them is a theropod. Oh, you’re thinking of Incisivosaurus gauthieri? It’s clearly a bunny-toothed dinosaur. What follows is a discussion on one of my favorite topics: The dentition of Goyocephale lattimorei.

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