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When Flat-Head Met Dome-y

One of the most interesting aspects of ornithischian phylogeny has been (alongside whether heterodontosaurs are ornithopods or whatever) is the nature of many pachycephalosaur taxa. Recently, Schott et al. (2003) have done some great detective work in nailing down what … Continue reading

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Nanotyrannus Nomore!?

Nanotyrannus is everyone’s favorite tyrannosaur, as long as it’s right behind the big guy, Tyrannosaurus, itself. It’s been lovingly depicted and aggressively championed by such notable figures as Robert Bakker, and supported less enthusiastically but no less masterfully by Philip … Continue reading

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Ontogeny and Taxa

I’d promised some follow-up posts to two previous ones in which I describe other “issues” I perceived. The first was a continuation of what I felt was wrong about the argument of Scannella and Horner (here) in regards to their … Continue reading

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Horns, Frills, Knobs and Domes – Morphological Ontogeny

Recently I’ve been embroiled in a discussion with various professional paleontologists, interested scientists, and lay paleophiles on the topic of the synonymy proposed by Scannella and Horner [1] for the Hell Creek chasmosaurine ceratopsians Triceratops and Torosaurus. I feel it … Continue reading

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Scare Quotes and Recent Ceratopsians

Scare quotes are a figurative use of quotation marks to imply the object(s) being enclosed (be it a theory, phrase, or word) are not proscribed by the quoting author(s) [n1]. In this case, they are used around taxonomic names that … Continue reading

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The Littlest Big Rex

Paul Sereno, world famous for his far-flung and well-publicized discoveries and descriptions, will be adding a new taxon name to his roster: Raptorex kriegsteini. Sereno, P., Tan L., Brusatte, S. L., Kriegstein, H. J., Zhao X.-J., Cloward, K. 2009. Tyrannosaurid … Continue reading

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