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The Fisherman & the Sinosauropteryx – preview


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The Enfluffening

As we dig deeper into the past and our investigative techniques broaden and our perspectives with it, biological aspects of ancient life become more and more interesting. Of the most visual of these is the presence of non-scaly integument in … Continue reading

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Biggest Crests in Town

I’ve been on a pterosaur kick lately, especially focusing on “tapejaroids” — and only tangentially related to my recent report of the first European tapejaroid, Europejara olcadesorum — those pterosaurs that split off from azhdarchids with the crazy huge nasoantorbital … Continue reading

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The Squirrel Imitator

Ok, so I get why Oliver Rauhut and crew named their new theropod dinosaur, a purported megalosauroid, Sciurumimus albersdoerferi. It has all the appreciative charm of being cute, fluffy, and the specimen is preserved with its tail up and over … Continue reading

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Long Fluffy Tails

While the news is abuzz about new things in the paleontological circles (a new South American tyrannosaurine [which has yet to be published], a new tapejaroid pterosaur from the fantastic beds of Las Hoyas, Spain named Europejara olcadesorum) there is … Continue reading

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Canadian Amber, Fin-Tailed Dinosaurs, and a Despairing Blogger

Science, as a process, promotes an adversarial system. A scientist poses an hypothesis from an observation, then attempts to refute this hypothesis through further observations arrived at from experimentation and testing, and poses a further hypothesis from the results; if … Continue reading

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It’s kinda of a mystery, and I’m not sure I can solve it, but…

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