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Osborn Was Right

I am not going to go into too much detail with this post. Following recent discussion on the applicability of blogs as distributors of information, I am going to try a tactic whereby I outline an argument I’ve been cultivating … Continue reading

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Dromaeosaurs are Terrestrial Hawks

Denver Fowler and colleagues have just published a series of papers dealing with the reconstruction of predatory behavior as indicated by the proportions, curvature, and anatomy of the pes in theropod dinosaurs. They began this study investigating birds, and the … Continue reading

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What Carbon Has To Do With It

This may go under the radar, so I consider it opportune to mention it. While it doesn’t directly consider fossil archosaurs in any fashion, or a ridiculously over-hyped but very popular group of bird-stem archosaurs, the study at hand does … Continue reading

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For A Few Spinosaurus More

As I intimated earlier — and to quote Monty Python — the holotype of Spinosaurus aegyptiacus has ceased to be.

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The Next Step

While discussing lips in theropod dinosaurs is easy, and a bit dinosaur-centric (what about lips in nondinosaurian archosaurs?!), there are two major elements of the dinosaury that bear understanding: First, that ornithischians present an additional hurdle to overcome when discussing … Continue reading

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The Hypothetical Noasaur

I suggested once that I would produce a reconstruction of a noasaurid skull, based on new material from the Maeverano Formation of Madagascar (Masiakasaurus knopfleri), but I haven’t got around to it. While catching a recording of TVs latest pseudo-scientific … Continue reading

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Incredulous Teeth, IV: Triassic Palate Mashers

Placodonts are by far one of the most interesting if less diverse clades of Triassic sauropterygian (a group including the far more diverse plesiosaurs and ichthyosaurs). These taxa include the relative basal Placodus and Paraplacodus, but the more interesting taxa … Continue reading

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