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Dromaeosaurs are Terrestrial Hawks

Denver Fowler and colleagues have just published a series of papers dealing with the reconstruction of predatory behavior as indicated by the proportions, curvature, and anatomy of the pes in theropod dinosaurs. They began this study investigating birds, and the … Continue reading

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Were There European Oviraptorosaurs?

You may have heard of this in a few sites recently, most notably at Darren Naish’s Tetrapod Zoology. If you haven’t, check it out along with Matt Martynuik’s take on what kind of animal Darren is talking about, which is … Continue reading

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A Cretaceous Parrot?

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A Mess of Archaeopteryx – WP#4

With two new studies on Archaeopteryx in the news, I thought I’d share my piece on them, by way of introducing my Archaeopteryx Mural. Based on detailed examination of (unfortunately) photographs, I’ve managed to look at, measure, and compare each … Continue reading

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