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A Phylogenetic Prediction

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A Few Things About Oviraptorosaurs

Subsequent to my post on Nick Longrich and colleagues proposed new taxonomy for an old oviraptorosaur, there has been some interest about some other oviraptorosaurs, and I felt it would be useful to write up a little post about those … Continue reading

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“Toroceratops” Matters, as an Open Discussion

So there’s this debate, which I may have discussed — more than once, twice, or thrice — before, in which it is argued that the taxa Triceratops and Torosaurus represent young adult and old adult representatives of the same species. … Continue reading

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Not Up, But Down

While I may wail on Linnaean Systematics and the issues with ranks, and the use and potential loss of the concept of the “genus” as an entity separate from that of the species, some authors out there are going at … Continue reading

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The Genus Question — Impact of New Archosaurian Binomina

So, what exactly would happen if — as I suggested both here and mentioned in the comments here — we went down that slippery slope, and distinguished all species as their own unique, equivalent taxa? How many new “genus”-like names … Continue reading

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In Which I Talk About “Genera” – Again

This post is about taxonomy and “The Genus Question.” If you do not want to read, I suggest not going below the fold. If you wish to continue, you will be rewarded with a pretty picture. The Paleobiology Database, is … Continue reading

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“You Keep Using That Word”

Behold another rant on nomenclature, posted on the Dinosaur Mailing List recently. I am slightly modifying it for consumption here.

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Something Is Wrong Here

Eugene Gaffney, turtle expert from the American Museum of Natural History & David Krause, mammal expert from the Department of Anatomical Sciences at Stony Brook University, both in New York State, US, have recently described  a new fossil pelomedusoid turtle … Continue reading

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The Hell Creek Oviraptorosaur — What Does It Mean For Chirostenotes pergracilis?

Since the 1990’s, a few specimens have been kicking around of a particularly large oviraptorosaur from the Late Cretaceous of North America. Unlike the specimens that form the backbone of the Chirostenotes/Caenagnathus complex, these specimens come from the Maastrichtian, and … Continue reading

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Whether Clades Should Have No Name

I am posting this here because I don’t want to log down Darren’s blog with my comment, where he has posted his perspective on the new paper, so it’s going here. Valentine Fischer, Michael Maisch, and a host of other … Continue reading

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