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Silence and SVP

I’m very eager to discuss SVP, but otherwise recent unemployment has made regularity on my blog somewhat more difficult, and so I haven’t been very active on new content, continuing older series, or generally being constant on this side of … Continue reading

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What Does and Does Not Matter

I’m a relativist, and as such have a tendency for trying to see others’ perspectives on given subjects. But we cannot always be relativists, as we must make certain essential decisions that can only be based on our personal perceptions. … Continue reading

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Being Bitten

Something different than what you’d expect this time. This has nothing to do with paleontology. Do not click this link or go below the fold if you want to avoid a non-paleo post.

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All’s Quiet

Pardon the slow last few weeks, it’s been busy here for me as I am attending to home and work product that have dominated my work time. I’m also supposed to be finishing a draft on a paper and getting … Continue reading

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